LOS ANGELES, Jan. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Soylent Nutrition, Inc., the company who pioneered drinkable, complete meals, is kicking off 2021 with the announcement of two new products.  Soylent Complete Protein™ and Soylent Complete Energy™ are extensions of Soylent’s market leading line of complete nutrition products. The additions to Soylent’s lineup are both formulated with the most delicious and complete plant-based protein on the market, making these products nutritious and great tasting!  This exciting extension allows customers to better curate their individual nutritional needs throughout the day and the week.

The new Soylent Complete Protein shake will be an instant hit among fitness enthusiasts, but was designed for anyone looking to add a little more protein to their diet. This new shake goes well beyond the standard protein supplement including 30g of complete plant-based protein and 39 essential nutrients with 0g of sugar. This unique, nutritionally balanced shake also provides 5g BCAAs and 1,000mg omega-3 healthy fats, providing complete nutrition without sacrificing taste or texture!

Soylent Complete Energy is not your typical energy drink. It is the first complete nutrition nootropics shake to fuel your mind and body. Formulated with a proprietary blend of B vitamins, caffeine, l-theanine, l-tyrosine, and alpha-GPC plus 15g of plant based protein and 39 essential nutrients. This shake provides a delicious way to keep you going throughout the day without the crash associated with sugary energy drinks.  If this sounds familiar, it is because this is the new name for the former «Soylent Stacked», a product that was launched in 2020.  The company kept the beloved formula, but updated the name to better showcase the product’s functionality and complete nutritional profile.

«Every person has different nutritional demands as well as health goals.  To support our consumer’s unique needs we wanted to expand our offering to allow for a more personalized approach to nutrition,» says Soylent CEO Demir Vangelov.  «Traditionally our consumers used Soylent products to replace meals, manage their weight, and even for medical recovery, but we also know that numerous others consume a portion of a serving for a snack, mix Soylent with coffee for an added energy boost or even increase protein with other supplements. We wanted to remove the nutritional guess work and make delicious products that meet a variety of  consumer needs and goals.»

Over the last year, Soylent has relaunched in Canada, updated their primary product formula to be more delicious and more nutritious, and is now launching two new products. Soylent is poised for continued success in 2021 as they have created a sustainable, direct-to-consumer model that allows them to not only get their current products to consumers, but also expand their offering to support additional growing consumer demand.

You can order any of Soylent’s nutritionally complete products at Soylent.com today!

About Soylent     

Soylent, founded in 2013, is a pioneer in food technology and produces delicious, functionally complete foods that are good for the body and the planet. The company was quick to become a disruptor and a driver in the Food and Beverage world. Soylent is on a mission to provide complete, sustainable nutrition that is accessible, appealing and affordable. Its line of plant-based products are formulated to provide a complete array of protein, vitamins, minerals, fats and carbohydrates that the body needs to thrive in convenient formats. The Company is headquartered in Los Angeles, California.

For additional information please visit www.Soylent.com.

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