HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 5, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In this world overwhelmed with chaos, illness, and an overabundance of movie & television reviewers; Kiki and her dog offer a breath of fresh air. Kiki Movie Reviews was recently launched on YouTube to offer quick, concise movie reviews in about two minutes with a perspective that sets them apart from any other reviewer.

YouTube video

Kiki and her dog strive to give you the best reviews on the latest films and series as they are released. In the link below they give you a spoiler free review on the latest Tom Hanks film «News of the World.» Kiki Movie Reviews have also released videos on «Soul,» «Wonder Woman 1984,» «The Midnight Sky,» «The Croods A New Age,» «We Can Be Heroes,» and «The Queen’s Gambit,» with many more on the way.

«If there’s one thing I adore in life, it’s dogs and the fact one is involved with a movie review channel really spiked my interest. Kiki Movie Reviews did not disappoint!» said Ted Vanhuserhorn, an avid YouTube watcher.

What is Kiki Movie Reviews?

Kiki Movie Reviews on YouTube is one of the newest movie review options on YouTube. It gives you quick, clean, and spoiler free reviews on the latest movies and series featuring Kiki and her dog.

Who is Kiki:
Kiki is a connoisseur of film, an avid traveler, a seeker of adventure, and a former swimsuit model. In addition, she owns an adorable dog. Together they fulfill their dream of delivering the most fun and intriguing reviews for movies and series.


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