CUPERTINO, Calif., Jan. 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Shapa, a leading Silicon Valley-based health IT technology company, announced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company its second patent (U.S. Patent # 10,885,807) in Q1 of 2021. This second patent increases Shapa’s footprint within the health management space, bringing its innovative approach to cardiovascular health and blood pressure. The Shapa Health IP Portfolio, developed by co-founders Nati Lavi, Lara Felton and renowned behavioral economist Dan Ariely, continues to build on the focus of indirect feedback models for prevention, management and wellness to optimize virtual care and chronic disease management.

«We’re pleased that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office continues to recognize the uniqueness of our approach and technology as it applies to health management and virtual care. We are excited that our approach and technology continue to prove that we’re on the right track helping our members create meaningful sustainable behavioral change and improve their health,» says Shapa CEO and co-founder Nati Lavi. «Our team continues to enhance the technology, our machine learning and AI, to provide members with actionable insights and recommendations that help them achieve their personalized goals. We have more patents in the works as we continue to scale the member base via our consumer and enterprise markets.»

The Shapa Health system utilizes algorithms and artificial intelligence to optimize virtual care with a focus on health management and prevention. A key aspect of the methodology uses triggers based on environmental and personal biometrics to send real time alerts if warranted and illuminates for members the connections between their daily activities, health metrics, and their health outcomes. Members are empowered and engaged to better monitor and understand their true health status, make changes to daily activities that deliver sustainable results, and share their progress with their healthcare providers for improved outpatient virtual management and care.

Last year Shapa Health announced the launch of its newest programs focusing on optimizing engagement and outpatient care for those with congestive heart failure ( as well as those within the eating disorder community through its product called ClearStep ( With its latest patent, Shapa continues to build an IP portfolio that focuses on challenging the traditional feedback models for health management to deliver higher engagement and improved outcomes for members, healthcare providers, and enterprise partners. 

About Shapa

Shapa is based in Silicon Valley and was co-founded by social scientist and Duke University professor Dan Ariely as an innovative virtual care approach to chronic disease management and prevention. Shapa’s mission is to help people achieve their health goals by bringing to life Ariely’s cutting-edge insights using human-compatible design, big data, artificial intelligence and mobile technology. Starting with a physical device, whether scale or blood pressure monitor, Shapa helps individuals change their behavior to prevent or better manage chronic diseases. To learn more about Shapa Health and its virtual care programs visit Shapa has previously announced partnerships with AIG and Vitality Group, both global companies leading in innovation, wellness, and digital health for enterprises and individuals.

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