SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Abram Scientific today announced it has secured a $2.9 million US Army Grant in support of the company’s effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic. This grant supports the clinical development of the CoagCare System to screen for COVID-19 related blood clotting disorders or coagulopathies in patients. The CoagCare System is intended to aid in the evaluation of clotting disorders and help define appropriate treatment to improve immediate and long-term health outcomes of the COVID-19 disease. This work is supported through the Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP) under Award No. W81XWH2110013.

Abram’s CoagCare System is a novel diagnostic platform for diagnosis and characterization of coagulation-related disorders, delivering rapid hemostasis information to improve clinical outcomes. The CoagCare System is designed as a point-of-care (POC) meter and single-use diagnostic test card. The platform utilizes proprietary technology for fast and highly accurate measurement of blood viscoelasticity and density, characterizing the entire blood coagulation cascade from blood clot formation to lysis, enabling the detection of blood clotting or bleeding disorders and guiding the use of therapy for optimal coagulation management.

Current global coagulation diagnostic platforms such as thromboelastography and thromboelastometry require 30-60 minutes for a complete measurement. In contrast, the CoagCare System is intended as a portable, vibration-insensitive solution to provide a complete picture of the blood coagulation processes in less than 10 minutes. «The CoagCare System promises to be a mechanically-based platform for POC coagulation diagnostic measurement capable of unifying a range of tests in a single system and delivering highly accurate, comprehensive information in ambulatory, inpatient & outpatient settings,» said Dr. Abhishek Ramkumar, Founder and President of the company. «With the growing understanding of the COVID-19 disease’s effect on blood coagulation, the CoagCare System will provide rapid clinical information to properly guide therapies for improved clinical outcomes,» added Dr. Edward Brennan, CEO.

About Abram:

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Abram Scientific was founded by Dr. Abhishek Ramkumar who invented the CoagCare platform technology. The technology is protected by 10 US and internationally granted patents with multiple patent applications currently under prosecution. Abram’s leadership includes medical device industry veterans with >40 years experience: Dr. Edward Brennan, CEO and Mr. James Merselis, Chairman. Abram’s CoagCare System is not yet cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for marketing in the United States.


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