LONG BEACH, Calif., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — January 16, 2021, marked Amphibious Medics’ 20th anniversary, the leading occupational medical support provider in the United States. Growing from a single medic and founder, Michael Donoghue, working out of his garage to three offices nationwide supporting over 600 employees in the field. 

Amphibious Medics began as a company focused on supporting the marine side of Hollywood productions. Kicking off their business as dive medics for a Sprint commercial featuring Richard Simmons. The company adopted the slogan «Present and Prepared»; this has been the motivation and founding spirit since its inception in 2001 and remains the same today.

In 2011, the company earned contracts to be the sole medical support provider to the Tough Mudder and Spartan Races, growing exponentially in three years from a team of 10 to 23,000 independent contractors working every weekend in multiple states at one time. In addition to mud runs, Amphibious Medics earned their first construction client, Whiting-Turner, in 2011.  This launched Amphibious Medics to the next phase in their business within the construction industry. 

Mike Donoghue, Amphibious Medics Founder & CEO, reflected on the company’s 20th anniversary by saying, «Looking back, I had no idea that I would be surrounded two decades later by such a professional, industrious, and enjoyable team. As cliche’ as the statement is, it’s literal in our case. ‘The company is the people.’ The evolution of Amphibious Medics from one veteran with a jump bag to the nationwide powerhouse we are today is an American success story that we all get to share in. When intelligent, dedicated, and happy people come together for a cause, anything is possible. We’ve proven that over the last twenty years and will continue to keep pushing the boundaries of scale and service. With a smile!»

Over the past twenty years, Amphibious Medics has been successful at adapting to and evolving to the challenges of the industries they support.  This has enabled them to consistently stay ahead of others in the industry and continue supporting their clients with tip of the spear advancements in site safety. Working collaboratively with its clients to assess their needs and leverage them efficiently and effectively by partnering with general contractors, industrial operators, and government agencies to offer comprehensive and customized First Aid & EHS support solutions nationwide.

For more information on Amphibious Medics and their services, please visit www.amphibiousmedics.com.

Erika Souders

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Visit: www.amphibiousmedics.com  

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