SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Bridgecrew is disrupting the cloud security landscape by transforming reactive cloud monitoring into actionable feedback delivered as code and embedded into CI/CD. In furthering its mission to close the gap between cloud security and DevOps, Bridgecrew celebrated several milestones.

Platform adoption
Launched as part of the company’s $14M Series A announcement in April, the Bridgecrew platform provides security scanning and remediation-as-code for infrastructure wherever it is—from infrastructure as code (IaC) to the cloud. Bridgecrew’s robust cloud security capabilities and developer-first approach have contributed to its impressive adoption; in 2H 2020, both its customer base and monthly sign-ups tripled.

«The pace at which Bridgecrew has added new features, integrations, and use cases is astounding,» said Caleb Sima, VP of Security at Databricks and Bridgecrew customer and advisor. «Bridgecrew sets itself apart from traditional vendors in its ability to make cloud security feedback both accessible to developers and actionable to security.»

Open-source community growth
Bridgecrew developed four open-source projects in the past year, including its hallmark IaC scanner, Checkov. Used by individual contributors and Fortune 100 companies alike, Checkov passed one million downloads in Q4 2020, a strong indicator of the transformation underway within the infrastructure security landscape.

«It has been amazing to watch Checkov mature and gain traction so quickly,» said Corcoran Smith, Solution Architect at Slalom and Bridgecrew advisor. «Checkov has become a key component of the infrastructure developer toolkit and is paving the way for developer-first cloud security.»

New strategic advisors and investors
To support the growth of its codified cloud security community, Bridgecrew doubled its board of strategic advisors and investors to include several leaders across cloud, DevOps, and security:

  • Karthik Rangarajan, Director of Engineering, Security and Privacy, Robinhood
  • Alex Bilmes, formerly VP of Growth, Puppet
  • Caleb Sima, VP of Security, Databricks
  • Shruti Gupta, formerly CSO and Engineering Director, Brex
  • Corcoran Smith, Solution Architect, Slalom
  • Ran Harpaz, Chief Technology Officer, Hippo
  • Rohit Gupta, Partner Strategic Initiatives Leader, AWS
  • Tony Spinelli, Chief Information Officer, Urban One, Inc and formerly CISO of Capital One and Tyco

The expanded board now includes Bridgecrew customers, partners, and key members of the open-source community, serving as a diverse and multi-faceted sounding board for the company as it develops its SaaS platform and open-source projects.

«We’re humbled by the continued support from our customers, partners, open-source contributors, and advisors,» said Idan Tendler, Bridgecrew co-founder and CEO. «With our community’s support and direction, we’re excited to continue shifting cloud security left.»

About Bridgecrew
Bridgecrew is the codified cloud security platform trusted by teams from BetterHelp, Robinhood, OneMain Financial, and more. Founded in 2019 by industry leaders Idan Tendler, Barak Schoster Goihman, and Guy Eisenkot, Bridgecrew is based in San Francisco and is backed by top-tier VCs, including Battery Ventures, NFX, and Sorensen Ventures. Get started for free at

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