LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Between Quarantine Conference and eCommerce Week LA, it’s been a year of getting inventive with virtual events at Hawke Media. Diving right into 2021, the team is showing no signs of slowing down in the creative department. This week, Hawke announced its first-ever award show, The Brandies, and, just like all of its other virtual events in the past year, promised The Brandies will be a brand new type of marketing award show, a cut above the rest that will take place virtually on Apr. 8 from 6 pm – 7:30 pm PST.

Why do The Brandies stand out? Last year wasn’t easy, and the team at Hawke Media recognizes that simply surviving is an accomplishment. Just like the bold color scheme on the award show website, Hawke Media is encouraging innovative entrants whose extraordinary work deserves to be celebrated for exceeding all expectations of the infamous 2020 to apply to The Brandies.

The next-generation award show casts off boundaries to highlight brands that exhibit excellence in their work, communities, and ideologies. Hawke Media is calling all companies that are truly advancing what it means to operate with substance in the world today. The team is looking for the best-of-the-best industry, category, or vertical leaders with a strong brand foundation that inspire and lead others.

“After a rough 2020, what better way to recognize iconic brands than an award show!” says Angel Custodio, Head of Experiential & Event Marketing at Hawke Media. “The Brandies’ goal is to highlight game-changing brands, regardless of industry, that are disruptors in their spaces: brands that chose to rise to the occasion that was 2020 and brands that are just deserving to be recognized for their efforts of being good people. Ultimately, we hope that The Brandies brings similar ingenious minds together to celebrate each other’s successes!”

There are quite the variety of categories you can choose from when applying for The Brandies. Some categories look familiar to other award shows, like “Best Customer Experience” or “Best Social Media Account,” while others are completely unique to The Brandies, like the “ANT Award,” which stands for Awareness, Nurture, Trust and recognizes brands that flawlessly integrate email and SMS to increase revenue and retain customers at the same time. Other categories open for entry include “Best Pandemic Pivot,” “Best Campaign of 2050,” “Marketing Campaign of The Year,” “Better World Award,” “Maverick of The Year,” “Brand of The Year,” and the “People’s Choice Award.”

The team at Hawke also wants to attract exceptional marketers so that they can put on an exceptional show. If you are interested in coming to the awards show as a spectator and not a participant, to see what the incredible work of marketing teams and industry leaders in this trying year looks like, you can RSVP to just attend the Apr. 8 award show. If you are applying to the awards, each entry is $75 until Feb. 26, when the price goes up to $150 until the final deadline, Mar. 26.

Stay tuned for Hawke’s judges panel and live award show host announcement in the next few weeks! The judges panel will consist of head-turning entrepreneurs and marketing mavens who’ve created global brands you know and love, and you’ll see a celebrity guest host running the show on awards day. For more information on The Brandies, to RSVP, to apply for awards, or to contact Hawke organizers, please visit thebrandies.la.

About Hawke Media
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