WEST LOS ANGELES, Calif., Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new residential real estate agency has opened its doors in Los Angeles, but don’t expect to see it on your favorite «reality» TV show anytime soon. Kevin Shelburn, a longtime commercial real estate agent who oversaw over $3B of high-quality retail properties at his former employer, has formed Shelburn Realty Corp («SRC»).

Shelburn, a CA licensed broker who resides in Mar Vista, will concentrate his book of business in West Los Angeles and the South Bay. SRC will rely on principals unique to commercial real estate and focus on real estate as a wealth building mechanism. Principals which are not currently utilized in the residential sphere.

«Over the years I’ve come to realize a significant gap exists between the level of service provided in commercial real estate versus residential. With income producing properties it’s a bit of the wild west – we rarely if ever used standardized forms, the decision to buy or sell is always financially driven versus emotional, but more importantly, the broker’s role is far more involved. We carried the weight of the transaction and are viewed as partners by our clients. We corresponded with attorneys, accountants, managed title & escrow, financing, appraisals, financial analysis, coordinated inspections, closing – anything and everything» stated Shelburn.  

While the Los Angeles market is saturated with well-known real estate agencies, Kevin still felt an opportunity exists within the community. «There’s an old adage in real estate, clients are drawn to the agent and not the agency» remarked Shelburn.

So, why not an appearance on some of your favorite bingeworthy real estate shows? «Well, first, I don’t have a great stage presence. I give them credit for what they do with the cameras rolling. That being said, I feel the shows glamourize all the wrong things. Handshake deals with premature celebratory drinks is just the beginning. The endless self-promotion is also the wrong look. You have agents attempting to sell their books and seminars on their websites which out-position the $1M, $5M and even $50M listings their clients entrusted to them. Getting the property sold should be the focus, not plugging their personal products. It’s just not for me.»

For more information, visit www.ShelburnRealty.com or email Kevin@ShelburnRealty.com

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