SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Many entertainment fans see the artists, entertainers, and influencers that they know and love as better investment prospects than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.  

This is particularly true to the fastest growing segment of wealth in the United States: Millennials & Gen-Z.  Scheduled to inherit over $68 trillion from their Baby Boomer parents by the year 2030. 

For the majority of the entire population at any age, the entertainment sector, boasting a $2.4T market cap (2019), has always been a one-way money-making machine: streaming services, concert tickets, streaming event fees, merchandise, ads, paywalls.  The one-way spending goes on and on.  

Let’s be honest.  

Unless you’re one of the lucky few, you would never have the opportunity to actually financially participate in the entertainment sector.  Have real ownership.  To have a real, authentic connection.  To actually grow wealth through the artists, athletes, eSports gamers, or creatives that you know and love.  

Introducing Artist Crowdfund Exchange, or “ACE”. 

ACE is digital marketplace where rising entertainers can seek and receive funding from the community, and the community can invest in the rising entertainers they know and love to grow wealth.  All on a secure, intuitive, inclusive, and community-centric platform.  Think stock market, but where the fans and community are buying and trading equity in the entertainers.   

As we emerge from COVID, ACE is striving to disrupt the fintech space by making the entertainment sector a two-way cash flow.  Where the fans and community can grow their wealth through the artists, entertainers, and influencers they know and love.  

Now is the right time for ACE. Let’s GROW TOGETHER!






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