SANTA ROSA, CA, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Radiant Farm, Inc. (“Radiant”), a cannabis supply chain management company with licensed manufacturing and distribution operations in California, today announced the hiring of Newton Paskin as Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Paskin brings 30 years of global experience as a senior operating executive in high tech, consumer electronics, artificial intelligence, robotics, and fashion. He has designed and scaled mass production manufacturing models with global distribution footprints for Apple, IBM, Adobe, Sony, and Shutterfly, as well as numerous early stage ventures. 

“It is exceedingly rare to find in the cannabis industry a supply chain executive with the expertise and entrepreneurial success that Newton Paskin brings,” said Radiant CEO Aaron Selverston. “With an unwavering dedication to process improvement and scalability, Newton’s leadership ensures that Radiant is extremely strongly positioned to efficiently continue our explosive growth while delivering ever-improved service to our stakeholders.”

As a mentor at Singularity and an advisor to numerous startups, Mr. Paskin is uniquely adept at swiftly identifying early-stage challenges and garnering intrinsic support among internal stakeholders for adaptive solutions.

“Cannabis is the most exciting emerging industry in the world today,” said Mr. Paskin. “I have been interested in getting involved in cannabis for a few years now, and was extremely impressed with the team at Radiant and the business they have built. The combination of domain expertise, business acumen and best practices is itself unique in the industry, but their passion for their work and impressive early traction is what excites me the most.”

Radiant Farm, Inc. owns and operates Cosmic Distribution, which offers statewide distribution to more than a dozen multi-award-winning brands, including Insane, Ahti Hash, SOG Army, Wonder Extracts, Arcanna, Woodstock, Ridgetop Botanicals, Fleur D’Elite, Madame Munchie, and its own in-house extracts brand, Cosmic. Cosmic Distribution operates distribution centers in Santa Rosa, Hollister and Los Angeles, and this year will launch full-service extraction operations to complement its existing packaging operations.

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