SAN DIEGO, Dec. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — GravityAI, a startup that provides a simple, secure platform for companies to easily integrate data science solutions into their operations, unveils its Enterprise Marketplace, a B2B platform that allows fintech and healthcare firms to access an array of compatible artificial intelligence (AI) products. Founder & CEO Daniel Huss said the company, founded in 2018, is excited to launch this new offering after a year of development and is pleased to be working with clients from fintech and large life science to media, entertainment and ecommerce.

«Our Enterprise Marketplace is a perfect solution for companies to host their own secure AI platform that allows all of their internal users to seamlessly collaborate,» Huss said. «Our technology wraps each algorithm or data science solution in a ‘container’ that makes it easy for a user to essentially download it like an app, virtually code-free.»

GravityAI was founded on the premise that there is a shortage of data scientists, given the demand for automation in various business areas. Because GravityAI contracts with both developers and end users on its marketplace, data science companies can avoid long procurement times that can stall traditional partnerships. And, with the Enterprise Marketplace, companies can now host their algorithms in the cloud or on-premises to comply with security protocols.

Data science solutions that GravityAI hosts include OCR algorithms, package delivery detectors, event and fraud detection, text extraction from documents, delivery route optimization and more. The startup runs security checks on the data science solutions for accuracy and to ensure there is no malicious code. Institutions can browse the platform to see which algorithms fit their current needs and use credits to trade for other solutions as needed.

Huss said the marketplace currently hosts approximately 45 data science solutions and is growing monthly. GravityAI’s marketplace is open to any companies looking to automate and digitize their processes through data science. He co-founded the company with his brother, Jon Huss, who also serves as chief technology officer.

About GravityAI

Founded in 2018 by Daniel Huss, GravityAI is a B2B marketplace that makes it easy to explore, test, procure and integrate AI solutions. Data scientists can upload models onto the GravityAI platform and have them seamlessly containerized and made available to other organizations. GravityAI is connected to the world’s best data scientists and data engineers and works with clients to define the right approach, tap into its deep network and facilitate the build of algorithms for business with a practical data science mindset. For more information visit

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