HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Dec. 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Little Sister Entertainment has released the family comedy, BRICK MADNESS, from writer/director Justin McAleece on December 22nd on Amazon as well as DVD/Blu-Ray. «Little Sister Entertainment is excited to introduce the ultimate brick-building competition, which not only captures the spirit of the massive LEGO subculture, but dramatizes it into a satirical documentary film that is as funny as it is heartwarming,» said Jennica Schwartzman, XX Partner of LittleSisterEnt.com.

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By mixing real-life brick builders and actual LEGO conventions into the fictitious world of competitive creation tournaments, BRICK MADNESS is able to explore this grounded comedic premise alongside genuine brix builders.

McAleece’s smart writing attracted the comedic cast featuring Cole Sand (Magic Camp, Masters of Sex), Jennica Schwartzman (Parker’s Anchor, All My Children), Robin Steffen (Spare Change), Anthony Taylor (Bardo Blues), Richard Speight, Jr (Supernatural), Jadon Sand (The LEGO Movie, The LEGO Movie Part 2, The Affair), and Tilt Tyree (Halloweed). Also highlighting lead behind-the-scenes brick builder, Carl Merriam, a set designer working for LEGO in Denmark.

«Little Sister is proud to represent writer/director Justin McAleece, who has shown years of commitment to get this story in front of audiences. Bringing in a well-balanced cast with great chemistry, organic performances, and community-oriented creators takes vision and follow-through. This film has a ton of heart and we expect audiences to connect and be enriched by watching this alongside loved ones, there is something fun for people of every age,» shared XY Partner, Marc Hampson, of Little Sister Entertainment.

This release comes in the wake of Little Sister Entertainment announcing, earlier in December, that Doomsday Robots Game Company has partnered with the boutique indie film distribution and small press publishing house.

Schwartzman shared that «We hope to capitalize on our new partnership with the expansion of the BRICK MADNESS brand with our partners in the future.»

«Littlesisterent.shop launched in Mid-November, taking BRICK MADNESS DVD/BR Pre-orders, along with a BRICKMASTER EDITION Expansion on the DVD/BR (including a brick minifig), followed by our first DOOMSDAY ROBOTS game BRIDGES TO NOWHERE, as we have become the official store for the game company.»

Jennica Schwartzman

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