SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Mintegral, the programmatic advertising platform owned by Mobvista, announced that it has earned the ISO/IEC 27001: 2013 standard certification. By obtaining this certification, Mintegral has exhibited that their information security management and services have met these internationally-recognized standards. 

ISO 27001 is currently the most authoritative, rigorous and widely used information security management system (ISMS) certification. It performs a full range of assessments from the aspects of organizational management, physical and environmental security, information system acquisition and protection, and information security issue management. ISO 27001 requires compliant companies to obtain a high-level information security management system, ensure user information security and provide a stable and sustainable ISMS. With the establishment of an ISMS, companies are able to enhance their internal security awareness, strengthen the protection of information assets, and avoid legal compliance risks brought by information security, thereby enhancing their own credibility and achieving long-term development.

The ISO 27001 certification was carried out by the professional risk management service organization, DNV GL Group. Founded in 1864, DNV GL is a world-renowned certification authority that provides professional certification, verification and evaluation services to customers in various industries. So far, it has issued more than 80,000 authoritative certificates.

With the rapid development of mobile internet, the massive growth of personal information data has brought challenges to corporate information security and data privacy protection. Beyond the ISO 27001, the implementation of global data privacy protection regulations such as GDPR and CCPA are seen as steps towards ensuring information and data security is a top priority within the industry.

As a mobile advertising platform serving thousands of global advertisers and publishers, Mintegral has committed to continuously updating its information and data security practices. In accordance with the ISMS standards, Mintegral primarily improved the information security management system from four aspects. In regards to policy formulation, it established and issued strict information security management regulations, and created an information security committee to supervise the entire management system. In terms of asset management, it developed a list of information assets, assessed the risks and created a risk management plan. Following this, internal employees were trained and tested on information security to improve their security awareness. Lastly, in terms of the audit mechanism, cross auditing of internal business departments were performed, and a number of third-party auditing institutions were also deployed to ensure complete compliance. 

"We are very pleased to obtain ISO 27001 certification, which reflects Mintegral's commitment to high-level information and data security," Mintegral CEO Erick Fang said. "ISO 27001 certification is of great value to advertising platforms. In the supply chain of advertising technology, advertisers, agencies, publishers and end users all want their information to be protected at the highest level. Mintegral has always put data security as a top priority. Building an information security management system and achieving the ISO 27001 certification will allow our partners to work with us more confidently."

This ISO 27001 certification and information security management applies to the design, development, maintenance and operation of Mintegral's full-stack programmatic ad platform, including SDK, DSP, ADX, DMP and other products. Mintegral will also conduct regular third-party audits of the management system to ensure it continues meets the security standards set forth by ISO 27001.

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