LONG BEACH, Calif., Jan. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SCS Engineers announces Vidhya Viswanathan’s promotion to the Southwest region’s Director of Engineering. In her new role, Viswanathan will continue consolidating and integrating our engineering operations to provide more streamlined and efficient services. She will lead the solid waste engineering operations in California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, and New Mexico.

Environmental solutions for industries and municipalities as they do business and provide services.

“Vidhya spent the last five years broadening her client base in the Southwest, and expanding her expertise from solid waste and environmental engineering to include renewable energy, recycling, and organics management,” said Pat Sullivan, SCS senior vice president, and director of the Southwest Business Unit. “In addition to leading engineering operations in the Southwest, Vidhya leads our strategic initiative on composting systems and facilities, which help our clients meet recycling and climate goals.”

Viswanathan is active in solid waste and renewables industry associations. She has won awards for her projects and plaudits as a rising young professional. She has proven her leadership and ability to tap into the broad skillsets at SCS, forming proactive and responsive teams to design and implement the right environmental solutions for her clients.

“We’re continuing to develop our cross-disciplinary teams across the firm because they promote value-engineering, increase operational efficiency, and inculcate safety while meeting regulatory compliance goals,” adds Viswanathan. “We are serving our clients better while supporting their goals with practical, cost-effective, and compliant waste management and diversion systems and programs.”

Viswanathan is a registered civil engineer with years of experience working with large municipalities and private waste management firms. Her experience in permitting, designing, and constructing landfills includes cell expansion, liner installation, and landfill gas collection and control systems. Her focus on helping our clients comply with solid waste regulations and finding opportunities to design-build-operate systems that reduce our environmental footprint, recycle our waste, and produce renewable energy are winning awards and gaining industry recognition.

As with all SCS executives, she continues serving her clients in San Diego and Arizona in her expanded role.

About SCS Engineers

SCS Engineers’ environmental solutions directly result from our experience and dedication to solid waste management and other industries responsible for safeguarding the environment. For more information about SCS, please visit us at www.scsengineers.com, or contact service@scsengineers.com.

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