JAMUL, Calif., Jan. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Author Rebekah Pace introduces a compelling literary novel called The Red Thread. It follows a 90-year-old Holocaust survivor’s journey to conquer fear and find his long-lost love. Passionately written, Pace drew inspiration from the ancient Chinese proverb known as the “red thread of fate,” and inspires readers to see the human connection that strings across the world.

Available on publisher’s website: https://www.level4press.com/book-the-red-thread 

Pace acknowledges the all-time low relationship with China, but hopes this book is a bridge into Chinese culture. Former Deputy Secretary of State., James B. Steinberg, said “trying to put it in a box or relate it to the past historic relations misses the richness and the complexity of the US-China relationship we have today.” That was 5 years ago, and is still relevant today as tensions rise due to COVID-19 and continuing sociopolitical policies. The pandemic has certainly pulled the red thread tighter across the world as people look to these world powers for help.

In The Red Thread, 90-year-old Peter lives alone in a broken-down New Jersey neighborhood. Suddenly he starts dreaming of his childhood sweetheart, Mira, clear as the day he last saw her. Right before she disappeared without a trace from the camp at Theresienstadt Ghetto.

Peter feels the pull of fate across the ocean. As a Holocaust survivor, his story spans the globe, and eventually leads to Shanghai where he finds help from the most unlikely allies. Smart, thoughtful, and visually stunning, Pace brings readers to the streets of 1930s Leipzig, Germany, and to present day Shanghai. Readers resonate not only with the love story, but with the people along the journey that help a stranger find his long-lost love.

“Incredibly striking. The emotion within these pages is palpable.” –Screencraft

Rebekah Pace was a lost soul wandering the infamous Wells Street in Chicago when a traveling street mission from the small town of Clifton, Illinois, saved her soul and she was reborn in Christ. Now writing from her Victorian bed and breakfast, she enjoys telling stories that celebrate the important lessons to be learned from Christ by believers and non-believers alike—unique and powerful stories that entertain, uplift, and inspire.

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