FRESNO, Calif., Jan. 8, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- "The New Internet," a censorless online platform based in Fresno has acquired Authenticated Reality an Austin, TX based company created by serial entrepreneur Chris Ciabarra to verify posts on social media. The New Internet's platform promotes free speech, fights back against online censorship, and allows diverse political discourse without fear of being "#Cancelled" by unsubstantiated trolls. The official acquisition date was Jan. 8, 2021.

The New Internet CEO, Elizabeth Heng knows about censorship from personal experience, "When I ran for Congress and told my family's story of coming to the United States as penniless refugees from Cambodia, who achieved the American Dream, Facebook and Twitter directly targeted and censored me. It took weeks of fighting back, and a whole national movement to get the tech giants to relent, so I could tell my story.

Everyone should be able to speak their truth and speak their mind. Too many times our free speech gets stifled and this hurts society.

Facebook and Twitter shouldn't have the power to decide whose story gets told. This would make them more powerful than our First Amendment rights! That's why The New Internet was created. We're the new David against Goliath."

The New Internet provides everyone with the tool to comment on any social media platform or handle, and comments appear even if a user has been permanently banned from Twitter, Facebook, etc.  

By joining forces and implementing a censorless online platform in conjunction with verified accounts, The New Internet will eliminate troll accounts, push individuals to be accountable for their public comments, create a censorless platform for the whole world, and restore free speech.

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