LOS ANGELES, Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Crew in a Box, the world’s first professional-quality, plug-and-play, remote video production solution, revealed that they will be making their CES debut in January 2021. Invented by award-winning filmmakers Ira Rosensweig, a Clio Award-winning director of Super Bowl spots, Dallas Sterling, an innovative cinematographer, and Jeremy Fernsler, a VFX supervisor nominated for an Emmy for his work on Westworld, during the first days of lockdown, this innovation has enabled crew, talent, networks and brands to continue working safely during the pandemic, and offers a convenient long-term solution for quick turnaround shoots, reducing unnecessary travel and saving time while delivering professional, studio-quality results.

“Crew in a Box is a product for our time and might change the way talking heads are shot in the future.”
– IABM Awards

Earlier this month, Crew in a Box won the 2020 IABM BaM Create Award, voted the best technological innovation of 2020 in broadcast & media creation and acquisition by the International Trade Association for the Broadcast & Media Industry. Beyond being a solution for the pandemic, the cost benefits, convenience and efficiencies of this product are set to have a long-lasting effect, with the IABM judges remarking, “Great response to the present situation of COVID. Crew in a Box is a product for our time and might change the way talking heads are shot in the future. A very well implemented solution to remote presentation and interaction, especially since it has control and communications with a remote production team.”

Over the past several months, Crew in a Box has been utilized by many major brands, as well as 12 networks including NBC, FOX, ViacomCBS, ABC, FX, and MTV, who recently used Crew in a Box to shoot a promotional campaign featuring Vanessa Hudgens for the MTV Movie & TV Awards: Greatest of All Time show. Other celebrities who have used the product include NFL stars Patrick Mahomes and Deshaun Watson, and actors Keke Palmer, William Shatner, Kaitlin Olson, Aisha Tyler, and Eric Stonestreet.

Using multiple units, clients are able to execute logistically complex projects such as Disney’s “Choose Kindness” anti-bullying campaign, in which three Crew in a Box systems were used to film 14 actors, each in remote locations across multiple cities, over three days. Scott Edwards, EVP of Creative Advertising at Fox Entertainment, says, “Crew in a Box is likely going to redefine the remote production game entirely.”

How Crew in a Box Works

Crew in a Box is delivered directly to on-camera talent’s doorstep in a fully disinfected military-grade case containing a 6k cinema camera, expandable 3-foot wide LED light capable of dimming and color temperature changes, direct address teleprompter/Interrotron, a second, detachable teleprompter/Interrotron monitor for off-axis eyelines, and two professional microphones. Each component works together in a fully integrated system that is completely remotely controlled.

On-camera talent simply opens the box and plugs it in, and Crew in a Box automatically connects over the Internet to a remote team of filmmakers who control every component. This is achieved through cellular bonding, without needing to connect to the user’s home Wi-Fi network, eliminating concerns of compromised security.

Clients and crew join a video conference where they view a beautiful, high-resolution feed from the camera and participate as if they were on set, while the director appears on Crew in a Box’s Interrotron to direct the talent, creating an incredibly seamless experience for all involved.  High-resolution video, up to 6K, is recorded inside the box, but clients can also choose to livestream the shoot.

The innovative Crew in a Box system excels in the following situations:

  • Direct-to-camera address for commercials, promos, etc.
  • Interviews featuring both into and off-camera eyelines
  • Roundtable discussions with talent in different locations
  • Variety and talk shows with remote guests
  • Reality TV confessionals
  • Press junkets
  • Talent in locations without access to crews

“Crew in a Box is incredibly excited to participate in CES and to be part of a showcase of groundbreaking technologies,” said Founder Ira Rosensweig. “In a year that has seen a lot of hardship across the video production industry due to the pandemic, Crew in a Box is proud to have kept crews working, albeit remotely, and we look forward to continuing to provide a cost efficient solution in the future.”

To learn more, view projects shot by Crew in a Box, watch videos explaining all the integrated technology, and download photos and videos.

About Crew in a Box

Crew in a Box is the world’s first professional-quality, plug-and-play, remote video production solution. The product and service were invented in 2020 by Ira Rosensweig, Dallas Sterling and Jeremy Fernsler, in Los Angeles, CA. For more information, please visit www.crewinabox.com.

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