PITTSBURG, Calif., Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — To start the new year, Ramar Foods officially launches its own Filipino food e-commerce site, www.cravefilipino.com. Crave Filipino allows Filipino-Americans to get their favorite premium frozen Filipino food straight to their doorstep.

Known for its premium brands such as Magnolia, Orientex, Manila Gold, Frescano, and Primo Sorbetero, Ramar Foods invested in market research over the last three years, learning more about Filipino American’s shopping habits across the country that has led to Crave Filipino. Based on a number of focus groups conducted by their marketing team, the majority of Filipino consumers don’t have close proximity to an Asian grocery store where they can find Filipino frozen products. Most households in the Midwest and the East Coast are about an hour commute to a grocery store to get their Filipino food cravings. 

«Crave Filipino is the solution to the fact that there are areas in the U.S. where Filipino food isn’t easily accessible,» said Isabelle Laski, Sales Specialist–New Business at Ramar Foods. «Also, we recognized a few years ago that the CPG business was changing as e-commerce started growing on the grocery business side. We found that as an opportunity to become an e-commerce frozen Filipino food vendor.»

With ube and calamansi being one of the rarest finds for Filipino-Americans, Crave Filipino aims to solve the issue of accessibility. Crave Filipino gives its consumers a chance to receive high-quality Filipino favorites safely and efficiently to their doors. 

Crave Filipino launches its website that will enable consumers to order their favorite Filipino frozen products online. The team will also launch a Facebook and an Instagram account related to the site for consumers to see promos, new releases/launches, and other exciting content related to Crave Filipino. At the moment, the online store has the following products available:

  • Magnolia Ice Cream pints and tubs 
  • Magnolia Uncured Breakfast Meats
  • Magnolia Breakfast Meats
  • Magnolia Siomai and Siopao
  • Magnolia Sisig and BBQ Skewers
  • Orientex Lumpia
  • Manila Gold Calamansi 

«Whether it is for convenience, or it answers a solution to those who don’t have access to Filipino food, Crave Filipino’s goal is to become the go-to online shop for Filipino food,» explains Isabelle. 

This year, the Crave Filipino team is excited to kick off the year with the launch of the new online platforms commenced by a few product launches in the coming months. Crave Filipino ships throughout the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawai’i. The next time you are on the lookout for your favorite Filipino food, visit www.cravefilipino.com to satisfy your cravings.

About Crave Filipino 

Crave Filipino aims to provide Filipino frozen food cravings and make it more convenient for consumers to purchase it online.

Connect with Crave Filipino at www.cravefilipino.com  or on Instagram and Facebook @CraveFilipinoUS.

Press Contact: Jemm Magaling 

Group: Divine Creative Studios (on behalf of Ramar Foods) 

Email: jemm@divinecreativestudio.com

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Crave Filipino Logo
Crave Filipino Logo

Magnolia Uncured Chicken Tocino
Magnolia Uncured Chicken Tocino will be available on Crave Filipino.

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