FREMONT, Calif., Jan. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SureCall, the performance leading cell phone signal booster manufacturer, today introduced Fusion Professional, a professional-grade signal booster designed to improve signals in large homes and medium-sized buildings up to 8,000 sq. ft. Leveraging SureCall’s proprietary SureIQ and 2XP technologies, Fusion Professional significantly improves cellular signals for all North American carriers to keep all users connected in urban, suburban and the most rural areas.

The 50 Ohm Fusion Professional was designed with professional installers in mind and provides full automation and control with the most customizable installation for a booster in its class. Fusion Professional also includes SureCall’s patented SureIQ technology, which auto-adjusts the booster’s amplification for best performance based on the strength of the outside signal. Ideal for homes and small offices hindered by slow LTE data speeds or frequently dropped calls, Fusion Professional improves voice and data connectivity on 4G and 5G mobile phones and devices. Its 2XP technology doubles the return signal (uplink power) to the tower, ensuring the cellular connection is maintained, even in the weakest signal environments.

“A reliable cell signal has become critical for millions of people working from home and attending online school,” said Frankie Smith, VP of sales for SureCall. “The Fusion Professional is an excellent solution for our network of installers who have customers looking for a product that solves poor cell connectivity. This customizable and powerful booster will improve signal in even the toughest conditions and will make customers extremely satisfied.”

SureCall’s Fusion Professional boosts and improves voice, text and data signals in larger homes and mid-size buildings for multiple users and devices, including MiFi hotspots and cellular data hubs.

“Our customers have been happy with the strong connectivity of the Fusion Professional in our early installs, whether they have been in urban areas looking to distribute the signal throughout the building or in rural or challenging environments where they need a strong boost,” said Jarrett Bishop, COO of IDC Communications. “Installing the booster is customizable and simple, and the amazing reliability will keep both you and your customers happy.”

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About SureCall

SureCall is the multi-patent, award-winning performance leader for cell phone signal boosters. Since its inception in 2001, SureCall has quickly grown to innovate at the cutting edge of the industry, winning back-to-back Inc. 5000 awards every year since 2016 as well as the 2017 & 2020 CES Innovation Award, among many other accolades. SureCall combines its patented engineering with top-quality materials and comprehensive lifetime support to provide best-in-class solutions for mobile device users to access dependable cell service in their homes, offices and vehicles. As a result, industry leaders such as Chrysler, Marriott, NASA and HP all trust SureCall’s FCC-approved signal boosters for their quality, reliability and performance.

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