LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, renowned footwear brand LA Gear, announced the appointment of artist and designer Alexander-John (AJ) as Creative Director. Taking the helm and designing for the new brand direction, AJ is kicking off his new position with the launch of “Light the Way,” a limited edition capsule collection, which will be launching Thursday, January 14th exclusively on NTWRK. The collection will feature a striking women’s sneaker with glow-in-the-dark accents, paying homage to LA Gear’s signature retro history, as well as apparel.

Inspired by AJ’s six sisters, “Light the Way” is AJ’s first-ever, women’s-only line. It was created to inspire and bring out the light, confidence and power within every woman. The debut collection for LA Gear aims to challenge the male-dominated sneaker culture to let individuals shine no matter what adversities they face. Featuring an updated “Light Runner” sneaker with glow-in-the-dark logo panels, the limited edition sneaker gives way to the notion that light is most appreciated in the presence of darkness.

Incorporating nods to LA Gear’s heritage “Tech Runner” style, the Light Runner will come in two color ways, green and pink, and feature heel flame construction details, mixed materials and translucent panels. Apparel will follow suit with a cropped hoody style and graphic logo leggings that give a throwback to the LA Gear of the 80’s.

“We’re so excited to bring on Alexander-John as Creative Director of LA Gear,” said Jay Jackson, Executive Vice President of ACI International. “AJ brings a deep passion and artistry of sneaker culture to our brand, which already has a rich history of iconic footwear collaborations. We look forward to seeing all the ways he propels the creativity of LA Gear forward and the products he creates for our existing fan base, while expanding our reach to a new customer.”

AJ has always had a love for sneakers and flare for creativity. Growing up his family couldn’t afford brand name styles, so he instead studied the fashion looks worn by the “cool kids” in his neighborhood, and decided to create his own designs, drawing with crayons on his white sneakers. AJ’s appointment allows him to bring his creative dreams to life, offering his innovative and unique designs to consumers around the world.

“My appointment as Creative Director of LA Gear is a full-circle moment for me,” said Alexander-John. “Being a kid who couldn’t afford the cool sneakers I’m excited to be able to bring affordability to sneaker culture, and to all the kids who would otherwise be without. Growing up in the 80’s, everyone knew LA Gear and their iconic collaborations. I do everything with purpose and meaning, and look forward to giving a heartbeat to my LA Gear designs, which I would have loved to wear both then and now.”

AJ’s debut collection for LA Gear will be available exclusively on NTWRK, beginning Thursday, January 14, 2021 9AM PST/12PM EST, coinciding with NTWRK PASSPORT Los Angeles; a city-focused editorial that spotlights world-class creators like never before. For more information, and to shop the LA Gear x Alexander John “Light the Way” collection download NTWRK from the Apple App Store or Google Play App Store, and follow @LAGear, @AlexanderJohnDesign and @NTWRK on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. All product launch details, pricing and retail availability can be found on NTWRK.

About LA Gear
LA Gear began in 1983 as a women’s apparel store on Los Angeles’ famed Melrose Avenue and found immediate success in fashion-forward footwear. The brand introduced active wear for both men and women in 1987, and launched the iconic, blinking LA Lights line of shoes in 1991. By 1999, the brand had grown well beyond its footwear roots and expanded worldwide in apparel for men, women, and children.

About Alexander-John (AJ)
Alexander-John is an Artist, Footwear & Fashion Designer and an expert in Concept Design, Renovation & Rebranding. His love for the arts and instinctive ability to design and execute gives him a unique edge as a creator. Alexander has done Concept Design, Fashion, Art and Footwear Design for some of the world’s top Entertainers and Fortune 500 companies. With a nimble business practice Alexander-John can pivot from creating a custom shoe design to building a concept sneaker boutique without missing a stride. In 2004, he started hand painting and engraving sneakers having his work worn by Usher, Chris Brown, Caron Butler, Drew Gooden, and Busta Rhymes. In 2012, he became the only custom designer to create footwear for Jay Z, Beyonce, Emory Jones, Google, Microsoft, Nickelodeon, all in the same year. Since then, Alexander-John has designed exclusive sneakers for Puma, Nike, Adidas & Reebok that have been sold-out all over the world in top retailers, including Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. His designs continue to be highly coveted by the world’s top designers and celebrities.

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