SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The implementation of new technologies in flagship Android handsets is often one of the most compelling features drawing users to the platform, and wireless charging is no different. The industry-standard Qi wireless charging experience on premium Android handsets arguably has compared to other mobile operating systems. Here are Moshi’s top 5 tips to achieve maximum wireless charging speeds for your Android device.

Q Collection chargers mean no time wasted finding perfect positioning—just place your phone down to start charging

1. Understand the standards
Most Android devices use the industry-standard Qi certification for wireless charging, which ensures interoperability between devices. Using a Qi-certified wireless charger is the best way to safely achieve maximum charging output for your Android smartphone. Compatibility and safety cannot be guaranteed when using non-Qi chargers, so the most basic check you can make when purchasing a new charger is ensuring that it’s Qi-certified (and not just ‘Qi-compatible’). The WPC is the industry organization which oversees the development of the Qi standard; “The WPC plays a pivotal role in ensuring the best possible wireless charging experience across a range of brands and platforms. As a WPC member, Moshi is able to create industry-leading wireless charging solutions based on Qi technology,” said Spencer Pangborn, Director of Marketing at Moshi.

2. Know your power profiles
Within the Qi standard are two power profiles which dictate how much power can potentially be provided.

  • The Basic Power Profile (BPP) is essentially the first iteration of Qi, providing a maximum of 5 W. Most Qi-certified devices should be able to achieve at least 5 W output via this profile.
  • The Extended Power Profile (EPP) is capable of providing up to 15 W of charging power wirelessly and should definitely be your preference if you have a flagship Android handset. Read more about EPP on our blog.

3. Check your manufacturer
Although the Qi EPP can provide 15 W of power, it’s up to the handset manufacturer to determine how much power to actually accept for charging, as they will likely need to consider other factors related to battery health and heat transfer. At the time of writing, the current maximum power outputs when using Qi-certified chargers with major manufacturers’ handsets are:

  • Sony: 11 W
  • Google: 12 W
  • LG: 10 W
  • Samsung: 9 W

Keep in mind that these are maximum outputs and may not apply to all phones from that manufacturer. Check your handset’s documentation to confirm what to expect from Qi charging.

4. Place it right
Once you’ve purchased a new wireless charger, the key to getting the best charging performance is correctly placing your phone’s receiver coil over the charger’s transmitter coils. Check your phone’s documentation to learn exactly where its coils are located. It can also help to buy a wireless charger with a more efficient coil, which can output power over a larger area. Finally, a good non-slip surface on top of the charger will ensure that your phone stays in position while charging.

5. Ignore the home brew hype
Several handset manufacturers (notably mostly based in China) have begun to promote their own proprietary alternatives to Qi, claiming wildly outlandish wireless charging outputs of up to 80 W. Not only are these technologies not backed by any standards-based certification, but our internal testing found that they rarely live up to their claims during real-world use. “Using a trusted industry standard such as Qi is the best way to guarantee performance, interoperability—and most importantly—safety,” said Mr. Pangborn.

About Moshi’s Q Collection
Moshi’s Q Collection range of wireless chargers are Qi-certified and support EPP for faster charging. Our proprietary Q-coil™ module has been specially designed for efficient heat dissipation to maximize charging speed and efficiency. A high-density ferrite sheet and high-purity copper coil enhance charging output over a larger charging area so you get a reliable charge every time. No need to worry about perfect positioning, simply place your phone down for worry-free charging. Q-coil™ also charges through cases up to 5 mm thick.

For more information on our Q Collection wireless chargers, check out the entire range available at

About Moshi
Founded in California in 2005, Moshi is a purveyor of accessories for modern living. We thrive on envisioning new ways to improve your life. Our design and engineering experts select only the finest materials to follow our mantra of making fewer, better products. Together with our clean and minimalist aesthetic, all Moshi goods are backed by a 10-year Global Warranty; an industry first to encourage a quality-over-quantity mindset.


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