LOS ANGELES, Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — FUNDINGO has announced a new version of its loan management software built specifically for small construction lenders.  Designed to ensure more efficient and accurate loan servicing, the system gives lenders the ability to quickly set up new loans, deliver better service to their borrowers, and book more business.

“These lenders are creative and nimble and they need a system that’s built to support the way they do business.”

Unlike servicing loans manually with paper, emails, and spreadsheets, the FUNDINGO system makes it easy for lenders to adjust payments, disbursements, draws, accruals, fees and other loan terms to suit the needs of their borrowers.  With this flexibility, lenders can offer more options to borrowers. 

As a cloud-based solution, up-to-date information is instantly accessible to all authorized users, and the system quickly produces reports on payoffs and amortization schedules, eliminating time-consuming tasks and errors.  The system can be configured and implemented quickly.   

“Our team has leveraged its expertise to deliver a system that meets the specialized needs of small construction lenders,” said Henry Abeneim, CEO of FUNDINGO.  “These lenders are creative and nimble and they need a system that’s built to support the way they do business.”

For more information, visit the FUNDINGO website at www.fundingo.com or contact info@funding.com.

About the FUNDINGO Loan Management Solution

FUNDINGO is a loan management solution designed specifically for alternative lenders.  It streamlines the entire process of originating, underwriting, and servicing loans.

Unlike a hodge-podge of outdated and unconnected systems, each handling only a single element in the lending process, the FUNDINGO solution helps alternative lenders attract and close more deals, accelerate the underwriting process, generate more pricing options, reduce errors, and ensure greater consistency.  These lenders also earn a more professional reputation among borrowers, brokers, and syndication partners.

The FUNDINGO solution is built on the salesforce.com platform and can be closely integrated with a company’s CRM, finance, document management and other systems.  The solution is supported by experts in alternative lending loan management and has been successfully implemented in leading firms across the U.S.


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