LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Kelley Group (TKG) is issuing a challenge to all individuals in every segment of the services industry to join them in the “Hour of Power: The Ultimate Client Acquisition Challenge.”

Kicking off the New Year on a note of positivity, TKG is challenging industry professionals to make prospecting and business development the first thing they do at the start of each day. Whether a person spends 15 minutes or 4 hours a day engaged in business development, the key is to “start your engine” first thing in the morning.

For those who accept the Challenge, TKG co-founders, Sarano and Brooke Kelley, will be conducting complimentary industry webinars on critical subjects such as prospecting virtually, the virtual close and other topics that facilitate adopting the best possible practices for operating in this new and often challenging work environment.

To accept the Challenge, participants will need to register on Facebook or download the SPAR app. Along with receiving on-going support from TKG, participants will meet with like-minded individuals to share their successes and discuss the challenges they face. They’ll also have access to TKG’s unique accountability technology.

According to Brooke, “For most people the best time for prospecting is at the start of their day. It doesn’t matter if we’re training advisors, wholesalers, managers, internal support teams or any other professional, over the past 30 years we’ve found that our most successful clients start their day with prospecting or client acquisition — we call it starting your engine.”

Top-rated coaches, the Kelley’s started this year’s Challenge kick off by leading client acquisition coaching programs based on their renowned “90 Day Game” process. The corporate training and coaching programs led by the Kelley’s were featured last year in a PBS documentary. Information about the documentary and the success of their groundbreaking work aired on Fox Business, CNBC, CNN and Discovery some 400 times.

The Kelley’s newest book “Reversing the Deal Flow: Vol. II” is due for release this year.

To learn more, register for the “Hour of Power” webinar, CLICK HERE. https://thekelleygroup.net/2021-01-28-rtdf-webinar/

Advisors: To learn more or to participate in the Challenge, CLICK HERE. 

Managers: For help with your recruiting efforts or to join the Challenge, CLICK HERE. 

If your firm is interested in learning more about TKGs corporate training, email: inquiries@kelleygroupintl.com

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