WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alliant Capital, a leading firm focused on tax credit syndication for the development and financing of affordable multifamily rental housing, has released their inaugural Annual Outlook. The report reveals findings about 2020 and insights for 2021 by the firm’s senior leaders – professionals across multiple lines of the affordable housing industry with an average of 25 years’ experience.

The outlook brings together data from multiple U.S. Census bureaus and Alliant Capital’s proprietary database, which has been gathering key industry data and insights since 1998.

Alliant Capital’s Top 2021 Observations and Predictions:

  1. Multifamily housing remains among the top most desirable asset classes
  2. Rent collections exceeded expectations in 2021; this is expected to continue through 2021 with continued Federal support
  3. Despite the pandemic and economic uncertainty, American households are in better financial standing than they were entering the Great Financial Crisis of 2008, with higher savings, lower debt burdens, and higher real incomes.
  4. However, should consumer habits be permanently adjusted following the conclusion of the pandemic, real risks could seep into the economy, causing a negatively recursive effect that drags employment, income growth, lending, and investing down with it.
  5. Lending has proven resilient through the pandemic, helped largely by liquidity programs from the Fed (PPP et. al.) and displays a level of confidence and support in the economy essential to its recovery, while delinquencies remain low.

“Our findings have uncovered, surprisingly, a fair amount of stability across the affordable housing industry and the Alliant portfolio,” notes Dudley Benoit, Alliant Capital’s Executive Vice President. “Though many expected a sharp downturn in collections and almost every other statistic or data point that we could review, our data shows us the opposite.”

To review the entire report, click here.

About Alliant Capital

The Alliant Company is a leading tax credit (LIHTC) firm focused on providing tax credit syndication for the development and financing of affordable multifamily rental housing. Founded in 1997 to assist in America’s critical need for affordable housing, today Alliant is among the nation’s top syndicators and has an unparalleled track record of success. With a dedicated team of experienced commercial real estate, asset management, legal and tax professionals, Alliant provides the highest level of fully integrated real estate and investment support services. We deliver rock-solid expertise with an innovative perspective.

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