PITTSBURG, Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ramar Foods’ E-commerce site, Crave Filipino continues to expand with its new line of bundle boxes. The bundles are filled with high quality frozen Filipino favorites carefully curated for different occasions.

The launch of bundle boxes gives a new level of convenience to the consumers. The Crave Filipino team curated each of the bundle boxes suitable for any occasion and household. The consumers will save 10% off when buying the bundle boxes than purchasing them individually. Each box is filled with high-quality frozen Filipino food to satisfy everyone’s cravings. 

«One of our main objectives with the bundle box is to allow Filipino-Americans to try a little bit of everything Crave Filipino has to offer,» said Karren Domingo, Marketing Coordinator at Ramar Foods. «Filipino-Americans enjoy feasting with their families in their household, and we find these bundle boxes are a perfect way to allow them to enjoy their feasts even during the pandemic.»

Crave Filipino will introduce three bundle boxes to offer and will continue to evolve throughout the years. Each of the bundle boxes is a combination of Crave Filipino’s top-selling and new product lines. Crave Filipino ensures that the bundle boxes will be delivered safely and efficiently to your doorsteps. The online store has the following bundle boxes available:

  • Party Package – $79.99
  • Magnolia Pork Shrimp Siomai
  • Magnolia Pork Asado Siopao
  • Orientex Chicken Lumpia
  • Orientex Pork and Shrimp Lumpia
  • Magnolia Macapuno Cream Tub
  • Magnolia Mango Ice Cream Tub
  • New Products Package – $39.99
    • Magnolia Uncured Pork Tocino
    • Magnolia Uncured Chicken Tocino
    • Magnolia Uncured Pork Longanisa
    • Magnolia Uncured Chicken Longanisa
  • Variety Package – $107.99
    • Magnolia CKD Pork Sweet Longanisa
    • Magnolia CKD Chicken Longanisa
    • Manila Gold Spout
    • Magnolia Pork Shrimp Siomai
    • Magnolia Pork Asado Siopao
    • Orientex Pork Lumpia
    • Magnolia Mais Queso Ice Cream tub
    • Magnolia Macapuno Ice Cream tub
    • Magnolia Mango Ice Cream Pint

    «Our team also envisioned the bundle boxes as another way to introduce people who are new to Filipino food to the different flavors we have to offer,» said Lorna Dansalan-Collazos, the Marketing Supervisor at Ramar Foods.  

    The Crave Filipino team is excited for the new launch of bundle boxes since it’s one of the many releases of 2021. Crave Filipino ships throughout the United States, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Whether it’s for any occasion or you’re looking to satisfy your Filipino cravings, visit www.cravefilipino.com to purchase a curated bundle box.

    About Crave Filipino 

    Crave Filipino aims to provide Filipino frozen food cravings and make it more convenient for consumers to purchase it online.

    Connect with Crave Filipino at www.cravefilipino.com  or on Instagram and Facebook @CraveFilipino.

    Press Contact: Jemm Magaling 

    Group: Divine Creative Studios (on behalf of Ramar Foods) 

    Email: jemm@divinecreativestudio.com 

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    Crave Filipino’s Variety Package
    Crave Filipino’s Variety Package

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