OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For nearly 100 years, families have included EDY’S® (Dreyer’s) brand ice creams in their biggest and smallest moments. From backyard BBQs to birthdays to catching up with friends, their flavors bring people together. Now, with the start of the year, the brand is resolving to create more smiles in 2021 than ever before. EDY’S (Dreyer’s) is reaching another milestone with the unveiling of the Rocky Road Collection, which features six decadent flavors loaded with delicious and indulgent mix-ins.

The newly unveiled collection is in tribute to the O.G. Rocky Road, which was created by founders William Dreyer and Joseph Edy. Changing the ice cream world as we know it, Rocky Road was one of the first ice cream flavors with mix-ins and is now a favorite of ice cream lovers everywhere. Drawing on their rich brand history – and knowing that classics are classic for a reason – the collection is inspired by the spirit of iconic flavors and nostalgic childhood recipes, amped up for today’s families with a new twist of extreme indulgence.

“Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream was founded by William Dreyer and Joseph Edy in 1928 with the mission to spread smiles and provide delicious ice cream that the whole family could enjoy together,” said Julianne Feder, Senior Associate Brand Manager at Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Inc., “and that mission remains the same, if not more relevant today. The new Rocky Road collection is designed to send ice cream lovers on a treasure hunt of indulgent mix-ins, full of flavor, decadence and texture. It’s indulgence that the whole family can enjoy!”

With mix-ins like chunks of glorious cookie dough, handfuls of chocolate covered toffee and creamy spoonfuls of peanut butter, the collection offers a variety of flavors and textures for everyone. The six flavors being introduced as part of the Rocky Road Collection include: 

  • The Original Rocky Road: Nothing beats The Original. Crunchy almonds and bite-size chewy marshmallows are folded into their classic chocolate ice cream for the perfect scoop every time. (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
  • Mocha Almond Avenue: How do you make coffee ice cream better? Add rich swirls of fudge and crunchy almonds! Together you get creamy spoonfuls of mocha goodness with just enough nuttiness to make you keep coming back for more! (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Park: Few things are more perfect than chocolate and peanut butter. EDY’s (Dreyer’s) mix creamy peanut butter into their rich chocolate ice cream and add chocolate covered peanut butter cups for an extra level of indulgence. It’s every chocoholic peanut butter fan’s dream. (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
  • Salted Caramel Pretzel Path (NEW!): How is salty sweet perfection achieved? You first start with rich salted caramel ice cream, layer in swirls of fudge, pockets of chocolatey covered toffee, and crunchy chocolatey covered salted pretzels. Spoon, please! (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
  • Brownie Brick Road (NEW!): For the ultimate brownie lover: you can’t resist dipping your finger into the batter. And whether you prize the gooey brownie center or the crispy edges EDY’S (Dreyer’s) has you covered. (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
  • Available in 14 oz. containers in select stores. (SRP: $2.99)
  • Cookie Cobblestone (NEW!): All of your favorite childhood goodies at the tip of your spoon? Yep! This twist on S’mores is made with chocolate sandwich cookies, gooey swirls of marshmallows, chunks of glorious cookie dough, all surrounded by rich chocolate ice cream. Campfires will never be the same. (1.5 quart; SRP: $5.99)
    • Also available in 14 oz. containers in select stores. (SRP: $2.99)

    Starting this month, the new flavors are available on store shelves nationwide. To learn more and discover fun recipes for the whole family to enjoy, visit Dreyers.com if you are West of the Rockies, and Edys.com if you’re East of the Rockies.

    In 1928, ice cream maker William Dreyer and candy maker Joseph Edy opened an ice cream shop together in Oakland, California. They soon made history with deliciously inventive flavors like The Original Rocky Road. Four generations later, we’re still devoted to making the richest, creamiest original family favorites.

    Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream, Inc. is a leading U.S. ice cream company, owned by Froneri, a fast-growth international business with a vision to build the world’s best ice cream company. Dreyer’s Grand Ice Cream manufactures, markets and distributes a full spectrum of delicious ice cream and frozen snacks made with high-quality ingredients. With nearly 100 years of experience in the market, its robust portfolio of brands, which it manufactures and distributes in the U.S., includes Drumstick®, Häagen-Dazs®, Dreyer’s/Edy’s® Grand, Slow Churned®Dibs®Outshine®, Nestle Crunch®Butterfinger®, Toll House®, Push-Up®, Frosty Paws®, Edy’s Pie® and Skinny Cow®. For more information on the company, please visit www.dreyersgrandicecream.com or follow them on LinkedIn.


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