SAN DIEGO, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Excellus Holdings, the parent company of the innovative, next generation menstrual cup FemmyCycle, is pleased to announce the completion of a strategic rebranding effort.  The FemmyCycle rebrand includes a new logo, website, packaging, and brand platform to better align the company’s brand assets with the FemmyCycle value proposition and core values of inclusivity, community, and education.

“The new customer-focused brand reflects the commitment to our global FemmyCycle community of customers, partners, and distributors,” said Director of Operations Monica Chinisaz. “2020 brought some of the greatest challenges we’ve ever faced, and this year also gave us an opportunity to change how we present our brand and engage with our customers.”

It was important for the FemmyCycle brand to be rooted in empowerment and the value of community.  “We want to be the “older sister” that both experienced and novice cup users turn to and trust for the menstrual health questions and advice. Change starts with education, and education starts with having those candid conversations that have been considered taboo for so long.”

Built on the commitment to improve health and access to menstrual products worldwide, the rebrand will also enable FemmyCycle to better respond and adapt to changing consumer demands and positively impact global brand recognition. Monica Chinisaz explained, “We’re honored to have a presence in multiple countries around the world, and with that comes a responsibility to challenge the traditional social norms surrounding menstruation and inform our global FemmyCycle family that we stand united in the fight against menstrual inequality. FemmyCycle cups are more than innovative, reusable menstrual products. Our cups represent the confidence, strength, and power that lies within every person who gets a period – no matter their ethnicity, age, race, or gender.”

The company also announced updates to the FemmyCycle menstrual cup cleaning solution.  Chris Petty, President, explains, “After looking at the market, we realized that we also needed to make a change with our cleaning solution.  We worked with an innovative biotech company out of San Diego to formulate a new, proprietary, natural cleansing solution made with organic ingredients. We also redesigned the cleanser bottle and replaced the original plastic packaging with a new glass bottle to better align with our sustainability and eco-friendly corporate mission.”

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About FemmyCycle
Here at FemmyCycle, we believe that having a period is as natural as it gets, and the creation of a sustainable product that helps nature do its best work is our top priority. Created by a women’s health doctor, our products were born from a desire to make lives easier and safer, while providing the freedom for each person to live life on their own terms.


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