VENICE, Calif., Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Your Super a leading health and wellness brand known for creating plant-based superfood and protein mixes announced today the release of new ready to eat Super Bars. Each bar contains just dates, nuts, and one full 5 gram serving of an individual Your Super superfood mix including Super Green, Golden Mellow, and Chocolate Lover. The bars are 100% organic, non-gmo, plant-based, and gluten free without any fillers, sweeteners, flavoring, added oils or artificial ingredients. Additionally, every ingredient is grown, harvested, 3rd party tested, and packaged 100% sustainably.

«It’s our personal mission to make healthy eating easier and convenience shouldn’t mean giving up healthy choices,» said Your Super CEO and Co-Founder Michael Kuech. «Even though there are so many bar options on the market there was still not a bar made with 100% organic ingredients, no added artificial flavors or sweeteners, and no vegetable nut or seed oils. This is why we knew there was a huge need for our new Super Bars which contain a full serving of our best-selling superfood mixes with none of the junk.»

The Super Green bar tastes like lemon pie with a serving of nutritious greens and is made with Dates, Cashews, Super Green Mix (Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Moringa, Baobab, Spirulina, Chlorella Powder), and Lemon Oil.

The Golden Mellow Ayurvedic bar contains calming, anti-inflammatory superfoods and is made with dates, cashews, almonds, and Golden Mellow Mix (Turmeric, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Cinnamon, Lucuma, Pepper).

The Chocolate Lover bar is a delicious guilt-free treat packed with rich chocolate flavor and is made with dates, almonds, sea salt, and Chocolate Lover mix (Cacao, Carob, Coconut, Chia Seeds, and Lucuma.

«Not everyone has time to add superfoods to their meals so when we asked our customers what product they needed most the answer was almost always snack bars,» said Your Super’s CMO and Co-Founder Kristel de Groot. «I love that you can now get a full serving of superfoods simply while eating a bar and it’s enough to keep me going through a busy day.»

One box containing 10 1.8 oz. bars retails for $28.90 and is available for purchase through the brand’s website. These powerful nutrition bars are ideal for when you need a quick snack anywhere anytime!

About Your Super:

Los Angeles based health and wellness brand and certified B-Corp Your Super is a next-gen industry leader in plant-based living. After Co-Founder Michael Kuech was diagnosed with cancer at age 24, his Co-Founder and partner Kristel de Groot began developing superfood and plant protein mixes to boost his immunity, and the company was born out of the couple’s mission to improve people’s health with the power of super plants. Your Super’s plant-based Superfood and Protein mixes and bars contain 5-6 naturally dried superfoods. Every ingredient is grown, harvested, 3rd party tested, and packaged 100% sustainably. The ingredients are certified organic, Non-GMO certified, Glyphosate-Free, plant-based and gluten-free. You’ll never find any sweeteners, stevia, artificial flavors, fillers, preservatives or additives.


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