Jan. 1, 1994

Byron Bennett missed this frantic, last-second field goal that would have given Nebraska a victory against Florida State in the 1994 Orange Bowl and the national championship.

Jan. 1, 1994

It was one of the wildest finishes in Nebraska football history. Byron Bennett lined up for a 45-yard field goal with one second left in the 1994 Orange Bowl.

The Husker kicker had put NU ahead of heavily favored Florida State 16-15 with 1:16 left in the game for the national championship. But Florida State, which had a history of missing key field goals, counted on Scott Bentley to give the Seminoles the lead on a 22-yard field goal with 21 seconds left.

Tommie Frazier moved the Huskers to the FSU 28-yard line with a pass to Trumane Bell. FSU fans stormed the field, but officials said there was one second left. Bennett lined up to kick, but still breathless from the excitement of putting NU ahead, he pulled the kick wide-left.

“You wait all your life for a chance to kick the winning field goal and it just didn’t happen,” Bennett said.

— Ken Hambleton

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