On April 23rd, Brian Harris resigned his position as Chief Executive Officer for Clinica Sierra Vista.


During his time with Clinica, Brian helped champion the healthcare needs for thousands of residents in the central valley, while focusing on the most underserved in our community. His efforts, along with our providers, doctors, nurses and support staff have allowed Clinica Sierra Vista to continue to be a leader in healthcare to the most vulnerable among us.


During this transition, Stacy Ferreira will serve as interim CEO for Clinica Sierra Vista. Since 2006, Ferreira has served as Chief Human Resource Officer with the organization and has a vast understanding of how to prioritize the needs of our employees and patients during this COVID-19 healthcare crisis.


Clincia Sierra Vista continues to be on the forefront of testing the most vulnerable residents in our community. To date, we have tested 1,105 patients at (23) clinic locations in Kern and Fresno counties.


Clinica continues to work with our federal partners at FEMA, and Governor Gavin Newsome’s office to reinforce the need for more testing in the central valley.

As you may know, Clinica holds (10) Abbott Laboratories ID NOW Rapid Result testing machines. With the help of the Governor and Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, Clinica has been added to an allotment list from Los Angeles County Department of Public health to receive these vital cartridges.


Clinica’s role in our community remains to provide the best healthcare to the underserved, and a voice to the voiceless during this critical heath crisis.


Together, we can continue to make a difference in our community!


-Tim Calahan, Director of Public Relations and Community Development


About Clinica Sierra Vista


Since 1971, Clinica Sierra Vista has been providing quality heath care to thousands of residents in the central valley.

Clinica Sierra Vista remains a comprehensive healthcare organization, serving the primary medical, dental and behavioral health needs of about 200,000 people in Kern, Fresno and Inyo counties.

With the continued support of federal, state and local governments, we have been able to reach out to thousands of new patients, offering comprehensive programs tailored to the needs of those we serve over a vast geographical region in the heartland of California.

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