LOS ANGELES, Jan. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Puzzles to Play (www.puzzlestoplay.com) announces the celebration of National Puzzle Day on January 29th with a special free online puzzle book collection. It’s no surprise humans have consumed more puzzles over the past 12 months while we have all stayed at home due to the current world health situation. Puzzles and games are perfect to pass the time and are a great family activity. There are so many puzzles to choose from: word search games, jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s Cube, Sudoku, crossword puzzles and others. Educators also use puzzles in classrooms for student learning too. Puzzles to Play is offering 29 FREE puzzle books in January, one free book for every day leading up to National Puzzle Day.

For over 20 years National Puzzle Day has encouraged the celebration of puzzles and games. Jodi Jill founded the event and originally, she put together a sheet that included fun puzzles and game facts for the asking. People wrote in to get the mini booklet. Teachers saw the opportunity to get the kids involved and classes submitted notes with a self-addressed stamped envelope to get a free puzzle. This letter writing assignment turned into a puzzle movement with hundreds of thousands of letters being received every year asking for the puzzle. It was a great way to encourage puzzle play, but one woman and her dog could barely keep up. Thanks to the web, the free puzzles were moved online so educators, kids and puzzle fans could participate immediately. In 2021, the celebration of National Puzzle Day continues with more free puzzles than ever! Classes, libraries, magazines, schools, families, and kids are ready to break out their favorite puzzles to play. Even adults can enjoy a puzzle or two.

Puzzle fans can enjoy our free National Puzzle Day puzzle activity printable packet OR download the 29 free puzzle books to play. Make copies and bring a pencil to play with your pals and make plans to play with friends on National Puzzle Day! Share your favorite puzzles online with the hashtags #puzzleday & #nationalpuzzleday.

Puzzles to Play is a word search puzzle website offering free word games to play for all ages. With over 600 to choose from and new puzzles added weekly, there isn’t any shortage of great brain twisters to enjoy. The site has word search puzzle topics of all varieties, from boats to ice cream, from President Elect Joe Biden to weird things people collect, the puzzles offer an endless stream of fun! All puzzle fans need to do is download the free printable puzzle and play!

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