SAN JOSE, Calif., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — CubiCasa 2.0, the latest version of the market leading mobile indoor capture technology is now available to all CubiCasa users as a free update. The release features an amazing set of improvements including all-new total square footage calculation, LiDAR support, on-site room labeling with speech recognition and numerous smaller new features and improvements. “With the latest update, CubiCasa continues to redefine how floor plans are captured and created on mobile devices. We really take our value prop seriously – the fastest floor plan app,” said CubiCasa CEO Harri Pesola on the virtual launch event.

“With the latest update, CubiCasa continues to redefine how floor plans are captured and created on mobile devices.”

Total square footage calculation
Since the introduction of CubiCasa Floor Plans in 2019, total square footage calculation has been one of the most requested features. Today, with the help of LiDAR technology, all floor plans made with iPhone 12 Pro models, iPad 2020 Pro and on select Android devices will receive floor plans with total square footage calculation added into the floor plan images.

Improved accuracy and stability
CubiCasa users with LiDAR devices (iPhone 12 Pro models, iPad 2020 Pro, select Android devices) will see an improvement in accuracy and scan stability after the update. Our rigorous testing indicates 3X accuracy improvement that consists of absolute measurement accuracy and measurement variance. In addition, LiDAR provides better position tracking, which in turn improves scan stability.

On-site room labeling with speech recognition
All iOS and Android users have access to new speech recognition room labeling features that allow users to label rooms while scanning. CubiCasa App’s scan screen has a new microphone button that makes recording room labels on the go super easy. This will drastically reduce the need for a Quick Edit or post-delivery fix request.

5 beautiful themes for floor plans
Previously CubiCasa users have been able to customize the floor and wall color of the floor plans. With 2.0, we introduce 5 new floor plan themes; Elegant, Grayscale, Blueprint, Earth tones and Wet space to the theme catalog. And don’t worry, you will still have the amazing option to fully customize your floor plan styles using the CubiCasa Exporter API.

Adaptive lighting for iOS devices
From the beginning, dark spaces such as storage rooms and attics have been problematic to scan and may have required an external light source to scan successfully. The New Adaptive Lighting feature will automatically switch on the built-in flash on iOS devices in dark spaces. No need to fear the dark any longer!

About CubiCasa
CubiCasa is the market leader in mobile indoor capture and famous for its fast and easy-to-use floor plan app on App Store and Google Play Store. CubiCasa provides technology for real estate professionals and is on a mission to bring floor plans to every real estate listing.


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