LOS ANGELES, Feb. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — American film director Charles «Charlie» Matthau is on the course of releasing new projects in 2021, mainly two TV series and film production. As a director, writer, and producer, Charlie is well-regarded in the industry as a man full of life and determined to make films with «humanity, heart, and humor.»

Charlie led post-production of his latest directorial project, «The Book of Leah,» a production that stars Armand Assante. Meanwhile, Charlie is occupied being the Executive Producer of a German feature film, «Dylan Papermoon.» The feature film is currently undergoing filming and production in Bamberg and is being directed by Rene Daniel.

The director also dabbled in co-producing and co-writing a Second World War thriller, «Bodyguard of Lies,» for the production company that authorized Blade Runner 2049 and many other Hollywood blockbusters. He is also supervising two mini-series, «1920 The Year of The Six Presidents,» based on David Pietrusza’s book, and «Killer Ride,» based on TD Rizor’s series. It is also the owner of a young adult label with executive Michael Zoumas of Dimension Films.

In a romantic comedy, he has worked with Estella Warren, Christian Kane, and Michael Weatherly, directing Her Minor Thing. This feature film was released at the beginning of 2008 and is still famous on Lifetime. Matthau has also directed a baby-O, which has music by Duke Ellington and Johnny Mercer in the jazz world of Las Vegas. The movie stars Theresa Russell, David Proval, and Robert Goulet.

For his work, Matthau won several other awards. Matthau was named the Best Director for his work on the Grass harp by the Academy of Family Films and Family Television. A Platinum Circle Award, the newly established annual honor paying homage to an entire family of talented artists, was awarded to the Matthau family in September of 1996 by the American Film Institute.

Charlie Matthau is one of three Maria Gruber Foundation Non-profit Board of Directors, based in Beverly Hills in California. The Maria Gruber Foundation is consistent with its philanthropic priorities. The foundation aims to raise awareness of educational initiatives by developing collaborative education instruments, a support system with guidance advisors, grievance counselors, and the voluntary workforce.

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Charles Matthau
Charles Matthau

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