BELLFLOWER, Calif., Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inanna Manufacturing, offering top-of-the-line white label and co-packing services to cannabis brands throughout California, today announced its official launch with expanded services and capabilities following the company’s inception in 2020. The company boasts a highly experienced team, a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and rapid onset emulsion technology. Inanna is led by CEO and Founder Raquel Origel, who self-funded and grew Inanna from scratch with a social impact frame of mind and zero outside funding.

“When I founded Inanna Manufacturing in 2020, I sought to transform the way people see cannabis,” said Origel. “I have to fight to change people’s perceptions of female leaders in the space. I am proud to launch Inanna to help brands create quality products in the cannabis sector while ensuring we are a partner they can trust as they take their vision from concept to creation,” says Origel.

Inanna Offerings
Based in Bellflower, CA in Southeast Los Angeles County, Inanna’s services fulfill the cannabis industry’s demand for a manufacturer that works closely with brands, forming a personal, transparent, and service-oriented relationship while also providing cost-effective pricing. The company offers a full suite of services to brands, taking them through the processes of ideation, flavor formulation, research and development, packaging, and market launch with ease.

Inanna has the capability to manufacture a wide range of cannabis and cannabis-infused products using THC distillate, water-soluble rapid onset THC, CBD and an array of minor cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, Delta 8, THCa and THCv. Products the company can white-label include:

  • Gummies: Curated pectin, gelatin and agar gummy recipes designed in a variety of exotic flavors, shapes and sizes with potencies ranging from 5mg-20mg per piece. Inanna also works with clients to create gummies according to their existing recipes and formulations.
  • Topicals: Salves, lotions and creams with a wide spectrum of cannabinoids; THC, THCA, CBD, CBN and others, formulated with essential oils, herbs and other beneficial ingredients.
  • Tinctures: Distillate, full spectrum or nano THC formulas in both water soluble and oil soluble bases, with cannabinoid combinations of THC and/or CBD ratios available in a variety of unique flavors.
  • Pre-rolls: Cost-effective, high volume pre-rolls in cones and “cigarette rolls” ranging from .3g to 1g, to be packaged in single tubes and boxes of multiple pre-rolls.
  • Baked goods: Pet treats, cookies and customized treats, both sweet and savory, infused with the highest quality THC and minor cannabinoids. Recipes are made in house by award-winning chefs and food scientists.

Raquel’s Story
Raquel sought a fulfilling career in a sector with the potential to touch lives and help people. With her experience as a business leader, CEO Raquel Origel is a single mother to two children and fighter for social justice, frequently working with nonprofits including Feed A Billion, that feed hungry families in order to end child exploitation and trafficking. She is passionate about the wellness and medicinal potential of cannabis as well as the expansion of the legal market. One of the few women CEOs in the white labeling space, she continues to break barriers and achieve her goal of empowering other women in the cannabis industry while providing quality and trusted service to Inanna’s partners.

“Inanna is producing the most innovative products in the regulated cannabis market today. You have my promise that nothing is more important to Inanna than ensuring exceptional service, transparency, quality and cost-effective pricing for your brand. We are in this together and you can count on our relentless drive for excellence,” added Origel.

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About Inanna Manufacturing
Inanna Manufacturing offers white label and co-packing services to cannabis brands in the world’s largest and most mature legal market in the world, California. As cannabis legalization expands nationally and globally, brands in this rapidly emerging CPG space need reliable and professional manufacturing services. With licensed, state-of-the-art facilities, and a seasoned staff with extensive experience in cannabis and analogous industries, Inanna Manufacturing takes products from creation to production, ensuring they meet tight regulatory requirements and high-quality assurance. Inanna Manufacturing offers a turnkey solution for brands looking to enter California’s burgeoning cannabis market. Follow them on LinkedIn.

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