SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, Syncari, the company behind the world's first code-free data automation platform, introduced the Data Fitness Index™ to help strengthen data quality across the enterprise. The Data Fitness Index provides users with instant data health analysis by cataloging data across a customer's top systems of record then diagnosing each source of bad data. It then intelligently recommends areas of improvement along with templated fixes directly within the platform. This launch is a major step in actualizing Syncari's mission of empowering everyone to restore trust in their data. 

Wherever the number of data sources in the enterprise grows, it sows distrust. One of the largest causes of this distrust is the dozens of one-off connections of varying types applied over decades that don't allow for data coordination across the business. When executives and their teams can't agree on basic information, and can't tell good data from bad data, it's difficult for any of them to live up to being "data-driven." 

Syncari Challenges the Automation Status Quo with New Data Fitness Index
Syncari's position on data quality is that it requires a central intelligence, though not necessarily centralized data. With Syncari's data automation platform, companies can unify, clean, and manage their data from a single place, no matter where it lives, and connect it to the systems where it's actually used. 

Its newest release, the Data Fitness Index™, provides a continuous measurement of whether data is fit for use across systems so companies can take continuous action to improve it. While some companies may be able to do this within one system today, Syncari takes into account a company's top platforms of record, unifies them, and keeps them all aligned.

"Syncari is already helping customers like ServiceMax, Inkling, and Matterport run their business more efficiently by unifying fragmented data and ensuring the right data gets to the right place at the right time," said Scott Edmonds, CRO at Syncari. "With our latest release, we've made data fitness a first-class citizen in that experience." 

Highlights of the latest release include:

Accurately track and measure data fitness

  • Data Fitness Index™: Assess the fitness of unified customer data in aggregate and drill down by system, object, and field. Syncari's intelligent algorithms measure data completeness, accuracy, and consistency at every layer.
  • Custom data fitness rules: Extend Syncari's Data Fitness Index with custom rules and logic to address specific requirements (e.g., define specific field values that indicate a high-quality opportunity). 

Take action to improve data quality everywhere

  • Data Quality Studio: From a single pane of glass, discover what data sources, objects, and fields are having the biggest impact on the Data Fitness Index™ and track improvements over time. 
  • In-line recommendations and actions: Explore curated improvement opportunities and implement scalable solutions in minutes by building visual data pipelines that enrich, normalize or dedupe data across every connected system.

"Automating workflows with bad data distributes bad data everywhere -- it's garbage in, garbage out," said Varsha Neelesh, Head of Engineering at Syncari. "By adding centralized measurement and actionable insights to our data automation platform, we're empowering our users to build integrations and automations that actually improve data integrity over time."

"Syncari's Data Fitness Index gives me unprecedented visibility into the quality of my data across systems," says Michael Parry, Director of Sales Operations at ServiceMax. "I can pinpoint the source of issues, automatically stamp them out for good, and empower our sales, marketing, and customer success teams to act with trusted, unified data."

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Data Fitness Index
Ensure data is fit for automation by measuring and tracking data fitness and taking continuous action to improve it across all your top systems, all within Syncari.

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