BAKERSFIELD, Calif. – In preparation for the upcoming adoption of the Westside Parkway, the Bakersfield Area CHP conducted a Special Enforcement Detail on this stretch of highway during the morning hours of Monday, January 18, 2021.  CHP Captain Miller oversaw the operation and said he was very pleased with results of the detail.  

Captain Miller said, “The CHP is responsible for protecting life and property on the highways of California.  This detail gave our officers an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the new freeway.  It also provided a CHP presence on the Parkway.  I was at the detail personally and many motorists waved, gave us the thumbs-up, and even rolled down their windows to verbally thank our officers.  It was inspiring to see this reaction from our community.”

The City of Bakersfield will be transferring the Westside Parkway to the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) on February 5, 2021.  The Westside Parkway is part of the Centennial Corridor project which will interchange State Route 99 (SR-99) in the Bakersfield Area and align SR-58 west to connect with I-5.  All phases of the Centennial Corridor project are currently under construction and completion is expected in 2022.

The Bakersfield Area CHP will assume full investigative authority and jurisdictional responsibility for the enforcement of all laws on the Westside Parkway.   In addition to traffic enforcement, the CHP also renders services to the motoring public such as providing information, assisting those who are disabled or otherwise need help, and removing traffic hazards.

Captain Miller said, “Saving lives is the most important thing we do.  The CHP is committed to decreasing fatalities and serious injuries on our roadways and we will be well-prepared for the upcoming transfer of the Westside Parkway to CHP jurisdiction.”

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