SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Blank Collective, a full service manufacturer of private label alcoholic beverage brands, bulk spirits, and alcoholic concentrates, was recently awarded twelve prestigious medals for newly released products.  The company continues to prove its ability to create high-quality alcoholic beverages with an accelerated speed-to-market and lower COGS as compared to traditional wine and spirit production methods.  In less than three months, the company developed and launched eight new spirits brands and over forty new SKUs.  New spirit brands that launched in 2020 include Creator’s Cut, Badger Claw, Rival Vodka, Industry, Mini, Stubs, Fizz, and Election Flavored Vodka, .

Winning products include:

  • Stubs Mule RTD: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Double Gold
  • Stubs Rita RTD: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Gold
  • Badger Claw Vodka: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Gold
  • Badger Claw Gin: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Gold
  • Stubs Cran RTD: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Silver
  • Stubs Sour RTD: John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Silver
  • Creator’s Cut Kentucky Straight Bourbon with Natural Flavors:
    John Barleycorn Tasting Competition: Silver
  • Fizz Ranch Water RTD: Canned Challenge Competition: Silver
  • Mini Cosmic Cooler RTD: Canned Challenge Competition: Silver
  • Stubs Rita RTD: Canned Challenge 2020: Bronze
  • Stubs Sour RTD: Canned Challenge 2020: Bronze
  • Stubs Mule RTD: Canned Challenge 2020: Bronze

Blank Collective offers a full suite of spirits branding, product development, and manufacturing services. Customers can choose from a portfolio of stock spirits formulations and ready-to-go brand concepts, to a completely customizable private label service where Blank Collective helps customers create alcoholic beverage brands from concept to production. 

Creator’s Cut was developed for Republic National Distributing Company. Inspired by a Kentucky Straight Bourbon style whiskey,  Blank Collective brought Creator’s Cut to market in less than four months using the company’s unique technology and efficient process. Upon launch, the spirit has been met with overwhelmingly positive response from the trade – including earning a Silver Medal at the 2020 John Barleycorn Tasting Competition. Other 2020 Silver award winners of the competition include Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky and  Samuel Maverick Straight Bourbon. Awards such as this further confirms the company’s ability to deliver great value to business partners. 

Badger Claw was developed for Bill’s Distributing in Wisconsin to fill a portfolio void of a high quality and high margin line of well products. Bill’s provided input on the branding and flavor profiles across the development of a vodka, gin, and a bourbon-inspired spirit. Blank Collective successfully launched the full Badger Claw lineup in less than 5 months.

“I’ve been in the business for quite some time and from an innovation standpoint from speed to market, flexibility and profitability, I haven’t seen anything like this before. We’re incredibly bullish on what we can do with a partner like Blank Collective”

Cory Giertz, Vice President Sales at Bill’s Distributing.

Enjoy responsibly. Blank Collective, San Francisco, CA

About Blank Collective Blank Collective is a manufacturer of private label alcoholic beverages, bulk spirits, and alcoholic concentrates. The company offers a full suite of branding, product development, and manufacturing services to customers who want to launch their own spirits brands. For more information, visit

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About Republic National Distributing Company
RNDC, a world-class distributor of fine wines and spirits in North America, has operations in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia. Young’s Market Company, a partner of RNDC, distributes wines, spirits, and select beverages in the western United States including Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. Visit or

About Bill’s Distributing
Since 1954, Bill’s Distributing has been providing Northwest Wisconsin with classic, delicious products from top notch brewers and beverage groups. We strive for service second to none and we truly enjoy what we do. Quality is not an act, it is a habit. Next time you knock one back, enjoy it and think of us. Visit 

About The 2020 John Barleycorn Tasting Competition
The John Barleycorn Awards was created by writers and marketers to honor creative excellence in all aspects of the spirits industry.  Hundreds of entries are blind tasted and scored on a 100 point scale. Judges are hand picked to include the world’s renowned spirit critics and journalists such as Fred Minnick, Wayne Curtis, Frank Caiafa, Jack Robertiello, G. Clay Whittaker, Rachel DelRocco Terrazas, Brad Japhe, and Tony Sachs.

About the 2020 Canned Challenge Tasting Competition
The Canned Challenge is the world’s first competition dedicated to awarding excellence in canned RTD cocktails.  In 2020, over 200 entries from around the world were double-blind tasted by certified spirits, wine and beer judges.

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