PLEASANTON, Calif., Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Tabulera (, a platform for aggregating and automating benefits administration, released today and an important enhancement to its Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) module adding an extension for 401k contribution file functionality.

Publishing 401k payroll contribution files is error prone, repetitive and a time-consuming manual process for many companies.  With Tabulera – now accurate, automated tasks can be scheduled to free up valuable staff time reducing costs.  Tabulera allows users to schedule, create and transmit 401k files automatically to plan administrators.

Keep accurate records of which 401k files have been generated, sent and received by your plan administrator.  Missing these high visibility files can mean big compliance issues, lost returns and upset employees.

Users can select from Tabulera’s pre-built integrations from dozens of 401k administrators.   Tabulera’s Portal maintains history that can streamline your 401k audits ultimately ensuring compliance, reducing errors and eliminating costs.  Combined with Tabulera’s insurance carrier extensions, Tabulera’s EDI module delivers your team a single view of all your employee related EDI files.

Join the growing number of companies using Tabulera.

About Tabulera

Thousands of employees, dozens of plans and carriers, all on disparate systems. No wonder bad data, headaches, and millions in leakage are the status quo. You need to go beyond the daily details. Get the freedom to focus on your business with Tabulera, a platform that aggregates and automates benefits administration, so you don’t have to.

Finally, aggregate and automate all your EDI, billing, payments, accounting and reconciliation in one place, and see your benefits costs clearly — down to the penny.


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