Live from San Diego – Saturday, May 2, 2020 – 12:00 p.m. PST. M.T.O Tamarkoz® Association invites you to join its first live meditation and realization session in Spanish on Instagram Live. This is a part of a Covid-19 initiative that offers free Tamarkoz® (Sufi Meditation) programs to a global audience daily. 

Join us in experiencing these live sessions, which are conducted by the world’s top Tamarkoz® instructors now in 11 languages: Spanish, Hebrew, English German, French, Italian, Farsi, Arabic, Urdu, Turkish, and Kurdish. The purpose of these sessions is to provide stress management and assist in reducing anxiety during these uncertain times. “The Tamarkoz® sessions are extremely effective in coping with COVID; they help you focus your energy, regain more personal control, reduce reactivity, and attain inner calmness and peace” says Tamarkoz® instructor Dr. Lynn Wilcox.

The Tamarkoz® method is rooted in the 1400-year-old practice of Sufi Meditation. It included deep breathing, guided visualization, deep relaxation, heart concentration and Mavazaneh® – slow meditative movements. Currently, Tamarkoz® clases re offered for units of academic credit to students at various universities including UC Berkeley and UC Davis. 

A pilot study on effects of the Tamarkoz® method at Kaiser Permanente Hospital demonstrated statistically significant decline in depression amongst participants (Crumpler, 2005). Further, scientific research shows that this method significantly decreases perceived stress and heart rate, while significantly increases positive emotions. (Bahadorani, 2017).

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