LOS ANGELES, Dec. 16, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — The Center for Civic Education, the nation’s largest civic and constitutional education organization, announced today the formation of a new National Advisory Council. The Council will provide insight to Center leadership and staff on strategic issues facing the organization, which includes advice on programming, communications and long-term planning in the national civic and constitutional education space.

«This point in our history calls for a renewed focus on effectively teaching every American the core civic principles and activities that are fundamental to the healthy functioning of our representative democracy,» said Christopher R. Riano, president of the Center for Civic Education. «We have assembled a diverse group of national leaders from the public and private sectors, representing a wide body of expertise that will be invaluable in our efforts to move civic education into the 21st century.»

The National Advisory Council is composed of leaders spanning a variety of fields, including members of the judiciary, distinguished academics and private-sector leaders, all dedicated to the Center’s mission to develop an enlightened citizenry by working to increase an understanding of the principles, values, institutions and history of constitutional democracy among teachers, students and the general public. 

The Council is chaired by Ken Barnes, chief executive officer of Options for All, a California-based nonprofit organization that serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. «I was fortunate to have a mother who turned civics lessons into a fun event, which created a lifelong appetite for engagement. Along with the fun, she also helped me to understand my role in sustaining our system of government,» said Barnes. «All of the members of the National Advisory Council are looking forward to using our collective experiences to support the mission of the Center.» 

About the Center for Civic Education

The Center for Civic Education is the nation’s largest civic and constitutional education organization and is dedicated to promoting an enlightened and responsible citizenry committed to democratic principles and actively engaged in the practice of democracy. The Center has reached more than 30 million students and their teachers since 1965. Learn more about the National Advisory Council and the work of the Center for Civic Education.

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